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Stainless Steel Storage Tank 12000L 0.8Mpa
Capacity: 12000L NW:
MAWP: 0.8Mpa Size: φ1800*5335
Material: ss304 Install: Horizontal
Design Code: GB150 Lifespan: As design
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Qingdao Haikong stainless steel storage tank 12000L 0.8Mpa designed for the corrosive gas. The corrosive gas for the regular carbon steel tanks is more and more dangerous as time goes on. The carbon steel will be corrode slowly. But the stainless steel is no.

So if you need the tanks to storage the corrosive in the factory, the first one of the choice list is the stainless steel tank. And our product stainless steel tank 12000L 0.8Mpa is the first one in the stainless steel products.